Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training

The course will be held through the Zoom video- conferencing platform, on September 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2020 from 9:30am-4:30pm.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training includes:
Day One & Two-Overview of the Collaborative Process, Conflict Theories, Strategies and

Communication Styles
The Collaborative Approach

The Participation Agreement (PA)

The Collaborative Professionals: Family, Financial, Legal

The Role of the Law

Introduction to Evolution/Paradigm Shifting for each Professional

Conflict Theories and Models, Conflict Styles, Power Imbalance

Conflict Resolution Strategies: Principled Negotiations, Interest based Negotiations, Insight, Narrative, Transformative

Communication, Listening Skills, Questioning
Emotional Agility/Techniques managing strong emotions & high conflict

Day Three & Four-Guidelines & Choreography of Collaborative Files

Initial Consultations, Screening, Process Choice & Design, Case Management, Interests, Engaging Other Spouse, Engaging Reluctant

Lawyer, Assembling the Team, Team Preparation, Client Preparation, Agenda Setting, First Meeting Considerations, Progress Notes, Financial Disclosure, Team Debriefs

Introduction of legal model and role of model – when & who

Further preparation & meetings, Option Generation & evaluation, Settlement & Drafting, Terminating Process, Final Team Debrief

Day Five-Get Your ‘Shift’ Together: Team, Neutrality & Building a Collaborative Practice

Settlement Advocacy, Ethics, Neutrality & Team, Self-Care, Interplay of
Neutrality & Advocacy, Impasse Strategies, Building a Collaborative Practice, Further Training

Visit the Training Trio to learn more about each CP professional: Liz Urban, Lawyer,
Michele James, Family Professional,
M. Gail Belchior, Financial Professional,

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