Maria Lucarelli  LL.B.


Maria Lucarelli
Collaborative practice allows the clients to be their own architects when determining what their post-separation lives will look like. As a client-focused process, it requires all participants to become actively involved when determining the best resolution in any given set of circumstances. The breakdown of a relationship is one of life's most personal matters and every case is different. Collaborative law resolves the difficult issues while leaving intact the clients' dignity and respect for one another.

Maria completed her undergraduate Honours degree at the University of Ottawa and attended law school at the University of Western Ontario. Maria was called to the Bar in 1994 in Ottawa and has been practicing in the Niagara region since 2008. She has had extensive experience as a litigator in the areas of family law, estates, real estate and personal injury. Since 2009 she has restricted her practice to only Family Law and is dedicated to achieving positive results for her clients.


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