Dan Silver  Registered Social Worker, M.S.Ed

Family and Mental Health Professional

Dan Silver
Divorce is painful. Don't make it worse by punishing those around you, destroying your emotional well being and gambling with your financial future. Collaborative practitioners will lead you to the high ground where you will negotiate fairly and achieve an agreement that has victories and fair compromises for everybody involved.

Sun Tzu said, "There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare". Similarly, many would agree that this statement holds true for divorce and the family.

Since 1996, Dan Silver has practiced as a mental health educator, counsellor and advocate offering common sense solution focused treatment to assist with recovery from depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia. Believing that a higher power is accessible, clients are encouraged to embrace their potential and achieve balance in their lives.

As a registered social worker and teacher, Dan and his team emphasize three underlying themes in their group and individual practice. 1) Self-care for the caregivers, 2) Understanding the symptoms and 3) Navigating the health care system to get the best services available for every member of the family.

Early in his career Dan worked with homeless mentally ill adults and inmates at the Niagara Detention Centre, local crisis services and developed several curriculums for families and their ill relatives. Aside from clinical work, Dan brings experience from his years as Executive Director of Gateway Residential and Community Support Services, Manager of Housing Operations for social housing at Niagara Region and as a partial load professor at Niagara College.

By way of providing education to larger groups, Dan brings experience with a variety of audiences. While president of the Niagara Branch of the Ontario Association of Social Workers and a provincial  director (1997 – 2003), the annual conferences in Niagara were his responsibility. As Executive Director of Gateway and Operations Manager of Regional Housing, he was responsible for the planning and delivery of quarterly training meetings to fifty or more staff. As a facilitator of family mental health education groups since 1996, he has been tailoring public talks to increasingly sophisticated audiences, necessitating that he remain ahead of the curve on issues and trends. In 2010 Dan and his wife left Canada for 18 months in Changchun, Jilin Province PRC and taught accounting, real estate investment and personal financial planning for Lambton College (Sarnia) and Northwood University (Michigan). He continues on as a partial load professor at Niagara College, teaching Crisis Intervention, is a certified Safe-TALK trainer for Living Works and Collaborative Team Practitioner for separation and divorce.

My choice to specialize in working only with individuals and families affected by serious mental health issues is very personal. In 1973, my brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia and in 1993 he died. As a child I saw his pain and that of my parents, two other brothers and extended family. At that time the mental health system was poorly equipped to help Jonathan while offering nothing to the families. There are no magic fixes but our team offers practical solution-focused approaches to improve your advocacy skills, knowledge of the health care system and heighten your own self-care skills. We are passionate advocates offering integrity of character and hope.

People do recover from mental illness more often than believed.

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