Jamuna Balaram  


Jamuna Balaram

Jamuna is a collaborative trained family lawyer. She operates within the Peel, Hamilton, and Niagara Region, specializing in family and real estate law. Her unique combination of expertise allows her to provide comprehensive legal assistance to individuals navigating family-related legal matters and real estate transactions.

Jamuna holds a Q.Med designation, signifying her proficiency as a mediator. Her experience as a community mediator since 2013 has equipped her with valuable skills in facilitating open communication and finding common ground among parties in conflict. She is also actively pursuing the family mediator designation, further demonstrating her dedication to enhancing her mediation skills and credentials.

One of Jamuna’s standout qualities is her compassionate approach to her clients’ needs. She recognizes the emotional and sensitive nature of family-related legal issues and strives to address her clients’ concerns with empathy and understanding. By approaching her clients’ cases with a focus on “transition,” she helps guide families through difficult times and supports them in achieving resolutions that maintain dignity and respect for all parties involved.  Her goal is not just to resolve conflicts, but also to do so in a way that minimizes strife and financial burdens. By prioritizing peaceful resolutions, she contributes to reducing the overall emotional toll that legal proceedings can have on families.


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